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Fast Can Clean-Up

  • Quickly Sweep 100's of Cans 
  • Sturdy Construction 
  • Long Lasting Design 


Visit with us at:

  • Latamcan, Canmakers Conference 
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Oct 4-6, 2017

X2 Cross Hatch Machine

Bodymaker Punch Surface Finish

  • Improved Punch Life
  • Optimized Bodymaker Punch Stripping
  • Better Tear-off Performance

Shop Used Equipment

Used Can Line

  • 2-Piece Aluminium D&I
  • 1200 CPM
  • Cost: 50% of New

Line Integration Services

Start Up & Commissioning

  • Engineering Support
  • Project Management
  • Operational Support


Vertical IC Spray Machine

  • Operating Capability of 1000CPM
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Minimized Human Interface

About US

About Us IPS (Integrated Packaging Solutions) is an international consulting company that specializes in the can making industry. IPS provides metal packaging manufacturers with engineering and operational improvement services. IPS...