The IPS Talent Base

IPS has an experienced team of can making professionals. Their experience within the metal packaging industry includes can line and end line engineering, product development, cost improvement and executive management. The IPS team has a proven record of success in the areas of aluminum (and steel) beverage can, food and aerosol container manufacturing.

IPS By the Numbers:

 We have more than 60 associates:

  • 15 have 30+ years of can-making experience
  • 25 have 20+ years of can-making experience
  • 20 are long-term operational can/end makers
  • 21 are degreed Engineers
  • 10 are Software Engineers
  • 7 have Masters Degrees
  • 1 Ph.D.
  • 3 are Professional Engineers
  • 8 are Millwrights
  • 2 Six Sigma Certifications

8 Languages are spoken by our Associates:

  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Italian, German, Latvian

11 Countries in which we have representation:

  • USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Italy, Germany, Philippines


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