IPS – Integrated Packaging Solutions, invites you to visit with us at:

 Asia CanTech 2018


Asia CanTech 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Oct 29-31, 2018


On behalf of IPS – Integrated Packaging Solutions, please allow me to extend an invitation to you to visit with us during the Asia CanTech 2018 as mentioned above. We are excited to have owner Mike Calahan and  Sales Manager Mike Paxton there to answer any questions you may have about our Products and Services.

IPS- Integrated Packaging Solutions, has been offering State of the Art Engineering, Technical and Operational Support to the Can Manufacturing Industry for a combined, 300+ years. Our Customers consistently receive first rate service from us and we stand behind all of our products and services with our written warranties and guarantees of your personal satisfaction. No customer is too big or too small for us to accommodate. We offer very competitive pricing on both our Products and Services.

Some of our most popular Products and Services this year include:


-MatCONVERSION – This item is routinely being installed on older existing IBO’s that are still running Stainless Steel Mats,  as an alternate option to full IBO replacement. Our option is considerably less costly to you, less down time and savings on both Gas and Electric. Additionally, we routinely have customers asking for more latitude of operational parameters for the plant to run wide or narrow pack widths, as needed for the best line flow. As a solution we will install TightPACK at the same time.

-X2 Cross Hatch Machine – This product improves punch life and Optimizes bodymaker punch stripping resulting in better tear-off performance.

-ToolSCAN – Precision Tooling Measurement System that is engineered to Measure Punch OD/Die ID. This is done through an LED micrometer and offers superior repeatability.


Please take a moment to come and visit with us to discuss how we can help you, with efficiency improvements on your Can Line.

We look forward to seeing you there!