CanSCHOOL Education Videos

Double Action Cupping
Typical Bodymaker
Typical Redraw

IPS CanSCHOOL provides specialized training and education services to the can manufacturing industry.  Our instructors are industry professionals with decades of “real life” can-making experience.

Equipment Specific Training

Our equipment training combines classroom learning with hands-on instruction. This approach ensures trainees not only have a fundamental understanding of the equipment, but also the skills required to execute.

  • Front End (Cupper, Bodymaker, Trimmer, Washer)
  • Back End (Decorator, Necker/Flanger, Palletizer)

On-the-Job Training

By utilizing our experienced staff, IPS can help train, qualify and develop your employees. On-the-job training is one of the most productive training methods because it takes place at the employees work site. On-the-job training is a great way to broaden employee knowledge and develop specific skill sets. IPS can develop custom training programs specific to you plant.

  • Equipment specific
  • Front End specific
  • Back End specific

Tool Room Training

One of the many valuable training programs IPS provides is Tool Room training. Some of the highlights of these programs include:

  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Inventory Control (minimizing tooling)
  • Can Weight Savings Programs
  • Rework Procedures
  • Tool Room equipment selection

Quality Control Training

IPS can help your organization take its products, processes, and services to the next level through its comprehensive series of quality control training programs. Proper quality control will not only help deliver superior products to your customers but will help save money by eliminating and restructuring poorly functioning processes.

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