Less downtime and increased bodymaker efficiency

The RamALIGN is a tool specifically designed to quickly and easily align the cup locator, redraw sleeve and the stripper finger assembly to the centerline of teh Bodymaker ram.

Benefit of the RamALIGN Tool:

  • Helps eliminate Sugar Scoop and Cracked Flanges due to mis-alignment
  • Helps improve stripper finger function
  • Easy to use (align with locating fixtures, verify with a dial indicator)
  • Custom designed for your Bodymaker and tool pack
  • Alignment of Cup Locator, Redraw Sleeve and Stripper Finger Assembly
  • Verification of Ram Center Line (relative to tool pack) and Domer
  • Fully contained hard case for ease of storage and transportation

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RamALIGN Information:

The RamALIGN is custom designed for your specific Bodymaker and tool pack application. This tool compliments the Delta-H Free Stroke Analyzer as well as standard FSA and three indicator block alignment methods.

Get the RamALIGN brochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS for a custom quote at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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