Less downtime and increased bodymaker efficiency

The RamALIGN is a static bodymaker alignment tool that was created to take the guess work out of bodymaker alignment and drastically reduce downtime. This easy to use tool will support the positioning of the redraw sleeve, redraw die, stripper and verify domer location along with other tooling.

Benefit of the RamALIGN Tool:

  • Easy to use
  • Custom designed for your bodymaker and tool pack
  • Fully contained hard case for ease of storage and transportation
  • Consistent and reliable

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RamALIGN Information:

The RamALIGN is custom designed for your specific Bodymaker and tool pack application. This tool also compliments standard FSA and three indicator block alignment methods.

Get the RamALIGN brochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS for a custom quote at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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