Ultra-Sonic Tool Cleaning System

The ToolCLEAN, Ultra-Sonic Tool Cleaning System removes aluminum from Necker dies, Bodymaker dies, and any other tooling made of carbide, tool steel or ceramic.   This system is quick, effective and will never alter the profile or surface finish of your tooling.

Benefit of the ToolCLEAN System Include:

  • Removes aluminum without altering tooling profile or finish
  • Eliminates damaging & labor intensive hand polishing
  • Works great with all tooling materials; carbide, tool steel, ceramics, etc.

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ToolCLEAN Standard Features Include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaner, rinse tank and drying rack
  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Comprehensive equipment & procedure manuals

Get the Brochure and Video by clicking on the links below or contact IPS at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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