ToolPOLISH – Punch and Die Polisher

ToolPOLISH takes the manual polishing of punches and dies and provides a safe yet robust solution. ToolPOLISH uses the SafeCHUCK system to ensure that job site accidents are greatly reduced. The SafeCHUCK mounting system holds tooling in a manner that creates a snag-free environment. Tools are securely and safely held for the polishing process. ToolPOLISH combines a heavy duty lathe with a solid maple work surface with plenty of room to get the job done.

Benefits of ToolPOLISH:

  • SafeCHUCK punch and die mounting system provides a safe and snag-free set up for manual polishing
  • Quick tool changeover system means less downtime to polish all of your tooling
  • Heavy duty lathe motor yields consistent repeatability
  • Rotating and locking lathe head

ToolPOLISH Package:

  • Heavy duty lathe head
  • Proprietary SafeCHUCK tool mounting system
  • Mounting for both punches and dies
  • Solid maple work surface and sturdy steel bench
  • Quick change tools for punches and die fixtures

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