ToolSCAN, Precise Tooling Measurement

The ToolSCAN is a non-contact system to measure Punch OD / Die ID . It does this through an LED micrometer that offers superior repeatability. However, the innovative ToolSCAN can do something that is unheard of in the industry. It can scan the punch contour along the longitudinal profile. This means it is able to scan all the punch profiles and transitions which makes it ideal for punch step and rework analysis.

Benefits of the ToolSCAN include:

  • Competitively priced
  • Non-contact punch and die measurement
  • Superior measurement repeatability
  • Fully automated for easy operation

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ToolSCAN Features and Options:

The ToolSCAN was engineered by can makers for the can making industry. It is due to this that the ToolSCAN has features and options so valuable to the real world can maker. The system has a user friendly touchscreen control, a customizable reporting system with the easy-read pass/fail analysis and preprogrammed or customized measurement routines.

The options possible include a vibration isolation table ideal for precise measurement in an environment with large manufacturing equipment, inventory control integration for automatic logging of data to keep track of your tooling and its condition. The ToolSCAN has proven itself to improve front-end performance. The GR&R findings have verified the ToolSCAN is superior to other equipment in the industry

ToolSCAN Packages:

The ToolSCAN is sold with on-site training and setup. This is required to make use of ToolSCAN’s superior accuracy /reliability and to get the factory prepared to make better tool packs. However IPS has also developed several programs to keep your ToolSCAN performing at optimal levels. These programs include:

  • Annual Maintenance
    • On-site machine verification
    • On-site verification of master (Punch & Dies)
  • Remote Software/Firmware upgrades
  • Extended 36 month warranty (standard is 12 month warranty)
  • IPS Laser Marked Certified Punch & Die Master in custom carrying case

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