ToolSCAN 2.0 – Bodymaker Punch and Die Measurement Gage

The new and improved ToolSCAN 2.0 is a non-contact, measurement gage for Bodymaker Punches and Bodymaker Dies.   The ToolSCAN 2.0 is a 2nd Generation product that was redesigned to be faster, more accurate, more repeatable, more temperature stable and easier to use.  Overall the ToolSCAN 2.0 is the best value in the industry and a must have for any tool room.

ToolSCAN 2.0 Capabilities:

  • Punch OD, Step and Taper
  • Punch Profile Scan
  • Ironing Die ID
  • Redraw Die ID
  • Custom measurement profiles
  • Reports generation

The ToolSCAN 2.0 improves front-end performance through its highly repeatable and stable measurements.   By providing extremely consistent measurements over time, tool room staff and Bodymaker operators can be confident in the tool sizes installed in their Bodymakers – reducing tool usage, improving front end performance and better controlling can weights.

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ToolSCAN 2.0 Specs and Features:

  • .38-micron / 0.000015-in Repeatability (industry best)
  • 15-second Punch OD and Die ID measurements
  • Non-contact, green LED technology
  • Thermal monitoring

ToolSCAN 2.0 – ToolCONTROL Integration:

The ToolSCAN 2.0 was designed to be integrated with the IPS ToolCONTROL tool tracking and process control system – coming Spring of 2019.  This integration will be available in the Spring of 2019 and includes three modules, including: (1) Inventory Control, Grind Schedule and Reporting (2) Production Data Integration, and (3) Can Weight Control.

ToolSCAN 2.0 Packages:

The ToolSCAN 2.0 package is sold with both set-up and on-site training, which assures optimal accuracy and reliability of the gage.

  • Annual Maintenance
    • On-site system certification
    • Verification of accurate readings
    • System maintenance
  • Remote login support

For more information about the ToolSCAN 2.0, including installation and support packages, contact IPS at:




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