ToolSCAN, Precise Tooling Measurement

The ToolSCAN is a non-contact system measuring Punch OD / Die ID through an LED micrometer that offers superior repeatability. In addition, the innovative ToolSCAN can also scan the punch contour along the longitudinal profile, making it ideal for punch step and rework analysis.

ToolSCAN improves front-end performance through its highly accurate and repeatable measurements, making it superior to other measurement gauges used in the industry.


Benefits of the ToolSCAN include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Non-contact punch and die measurement
  • Superior measurement repeatability
  • Fully automated for easy operation

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ToolSCAN Features:

The ToolSCAN was engineered by Can Makers for Can Makers and includes:

  • User-friendly touchscreen control
  • Customizable reporting system
  • Easy-read pass/fail analysis
  • Pre-programmed or customized measurement routine
  • Necker Die and KO measurement capability


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ToolTRACK – Inventory Control Integration: Automatic data logging; tracking your tooling and their condition.


ToolSCAN Packages:

The ToolSCAN package is sold with both set-up and on-site training. IPS set-up is required to assure full accuracy/reliability of measurements.

  • Annual Maintenance
    • On-site system certification
    • Verification of accurate readings
    • System maintenance
  • Remote login support

For more information on ToolSCAN, watch the Video and the Brochure by clicking on the links below or contact IPS at:

For More Detailed Information:

The following step by step instructional videos will help guide you through the ease of use as well as the added benefits of the ToolSCAN Machine:




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