X2 Cross Hatch Auto MediaFEED
X2 Cross Hatch Auto MediaFEED

X2 – Auto MediaFEED

Over the past 5 years, the X2 Cross Hatch machine has become a standard of excellence in the can making industry.    Can plants around the world have come to rely on the X2 for the quality surface finish it applies to Bodymaker punches using its diamond impregnated media.  IPS has just released the X2 Auto MediaFEED, as an optional add-on to the base X2 machine. The X2 – Auto MediaFEED precisely controls the amount of diamond media used to cross hatch each punch, assuring optimal media usage and guaranteeing a consistent cross hatch on every punch.    The X2 – Auto MediaFEED is available as an add-on to new machines as well as a retrofit kit on existing machines.


Benefits of the X2 – Auto MediaFEED include:

  • Precisely controlled amounts of Diamond Media
  • Optimal media usage guaranteeing a consistent Cross Hatch
  • Quick & Easy Integration to existing X2 machine
  • Handles all Media (red, yellow, black and white)
  • No slip Media design
  • Adjustable precision controlled feed cycle




Get the complete X2 – Hatch Auto MediaFEEDBrochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS for a custom quote at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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