X2 Cross Hatch Machine

The X2 Cross Hatch machine applies a precisely controlled surface finish to standard carbide Bodymaker punches.  The term “cross hatch” comes from the x-pattern of the surface finish applied by the X2 machine, which has been proven beneficial in many ways to the can ironing or body making process.

Benefit of cross hatching include:

  • Reduced Bodymaker tear-offs
  • Optimized Bodymaker punch stripping
  • Improved punch life
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X2 Cross Hatch Machine Features

The X2 Cross Hatch machine comes equipped with mounting hardware for a single diameter punch while the adjustable cam profile allows for same-diameter punches with variable lengths to be run.  Mounting hardware for additional diameter punches is easily changed out.  Air pressure is used to ensure a constant micro texture finish.  This eliminates the possibility of inconsistent surfaces using a manual method.  The IPS optimized diamond impregnated media (which comes in various grades) is ideally suited assuring a uniform cross hatch depth.  The X2 is fully programmable and comes standard with a touch screen interface making changing programs quick and easy.

Download the X2 Cross Hatch Brochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS at: sales-service@intpacsol.com


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