X2 Cross Hatch Machine

The X2 Cross Hatch machine applies a precision-controlled and repeatable surface finish to Bodymaker punches.  The X2 Cross Hatch Machine controls all of the key cross-hatching variables, including (1) Application Pressure, (2) Cross Hatch Angle, (3) Diamond Media Roughness, (4) Lift-off / Touch-down points, and (5) Operator Influence.  More than 100 machines have been sold globally, with the X2 becoming the standard cross-hatching machine for the can making industry.

Benefit of cross hatching include:

  • Reduced Bodymaker tear-offs
  • Improved Bodymaker stripping
  • Improved Bodymaker performance

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X2 Cross Hatch Machine Features

The X2 Cross Hatch machine comes equipped with mounting hardware for a single diameter punch while the adjustable cam profile allows for same-diameter punches with variable lengths to be run.  Mounting hardware for additional diameter punches is easily changed out.  Air pressure is used to ensure a constant micro texture finish.  This eliminates the possibility of inconsistent surfaces using a manual method.  The IPS optimized diamond impregnated media (which comes in various grades) is ideally suited assuring a uniform cross hatch depth.  The X2 is fully programmable and comes standard with a touch screen interface making changing programs quick and easy.

Download the X2 Cross Hatch Brochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS at: sales-service@intpacsol.com


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