MatCONVERSION- Washer, Oven & IBO Synthetic Mat Conversion 

IPS is offering MatCONVERSION Services on Internal Bake Ovens (IBO) & Washers; changing from stainless steel to synthetic. If not properly maintained, stainless steel is more apt to corrosion and wear.  By changing to a synthetic mat, you’ll also find your Energy Costs Improving.  IPS can provide Energy Saving details upon request.

Energy Saving Opportunities:

  1. Moving a Stainless Steel Mat requires a larger motor and more electricity.  It takes less energy to move a Synthetic Mat.  
  2. The energy used to reheat a Stainless Steel Mat every time it leaves and returns to the oven is much higher than that of a Synthetic Mat.   

Maintenance Savings Opportunities:

  1. No Herring Bones or Roller Mat Bed
  2. No Roller Return


    • New Infeed Stand
      • Fife Tracking Unit
    • New Exit Stands
      • New Drive Motor
      • New Mat Take Up
    • All New Perforated Slide Beds
    • Integrated Controls that work with your existing Oven Panel

For more information view the Video and the Brochure by clicking on the links below or contact IPS at:

Frequently Purshased with a MatCONVERSION:

  • IPS TightPACK Cable System
  • Live Transfer Infeed Conveyor
  • Burner Repair/Replacement Services
  • Oven Balancing Services
  • Oven Troubleshooting Services

 IPS can provide energy saving details upon request

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