MicroFILL, Semi-Automatic can Filling System

User friendly, fully automated beverage filling line, specifically designed with a small footprint in mind for the small /medium sized fillers.  MicroFILL is suited to small budgets with an emphasis on conservation of resources. MicroFILL is sold with on-site training and setup.

MicroFILL Features and Options:

  • Requires about 2 people to operate
  • 220VAC 3PH 60Hz Power Requirement
  • 25-35 Can/Minute
  • 250ml, 12oz & 16oz Can Sizes
  • Standard 12 Month Warrenty
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts Available

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Other Products Frequently Viewed With MicroFILL:

SeamCHECKSeam inspection system
– Verifies your craft beer or other beverage is Seamed correctly

ProSEAMSemi-automatic can seamer
– Ideal for the craft beer industry and small beverage filler
– Seams a single can at a time
– Size range from 32oz cans (“Crowlers”) all the way to 12oz cans

Fill & Crowler Support, Equipment for “crowler” or can filling success
– In-line can labelers
– Custom conveying and palletizing


Additional  Accessories:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Gauge
  • CO2 tester
  • Height Gauge
  • Countersink Gauge
  • Seam Micrometer
  • Can Stripper
  • CO2 Tester with Temperature Controlled Tank



For more information view the Video and the Brochure by clicking on the links below or contact IPS at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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