TightPACK, Washer & Oven Spoilage Reduction System

The TightPACK spoilage reduction system consists of a series of coated, Stainless Steel cables, running on both sides of the washer (or oven), supporting the can-pack at a pre-determined width.  By maintaining a set pack-width, spoilage caused by tipped cans is eliminated because there is no room for cans to tip.  The TightPACK system can be installed with little alteration to existing equipment and requires minimal downtime for installation.  The TightPACK also comes in at a lower turn-key cost when compared to replacing or reconfiguring OEM Valu Guides.

Technical Presentation

Benefits of the TightPACK System

  • Works with any make/model washer or oven
  • Eliminates spoilage caused by tipped cans
  • Aligns can center-lines with washer spray nozzles
  • Easy to modify pack-width during a size change
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Installed in only 12-hours of downtime
  • Little modification to existing equipment

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