CanSTATS – Knowledge is Power

CanSTATS provides a centralized database with both real-time and historical data that is easy to access and simple to understand. Having access to information about every aspect of the plant is a powerful tool – allowing informative decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.

Decrease down-time with Real-time Line Monitoring

One of the most useful tools in the CanSTATS package is Real-time Line Monitoring (part of the Machine Performance package). This system is available both remotely and on the production floor, providing live information about individual machines in the can line. Real Time Line Monitoring gives knowledge to the people who need it. It eliminates guessing, identifies faults and helps decrease down-time.

Graphic-based reports make sense of data

CanSTATS reports are custom designed for each and every can plant’s specific needs. Clean and simple graphic-based reporting makes it easy to interpret data and make informative decisions quickly and efficiently.

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Accurate reports + Manpower cost savings

CanSTATS reduces the potential for human error by eliminating the need for time consuming manual reporting. Reports can be automatically generated based on a plant-defined schedule, resulting in accurate information on a consistent basis.

Available Data Reporting Systems

  • Machine Performance
  • Production & Spoilage
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Tool Room
  • Manufacturing Costs

Package Details

Every CanSTATS system can be custom designed to fit specific plant requirements. Get the introductory CanSTATS Brochure by clicking on the link below, or contact IPS at:

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