The IPS SprayBOX is an advanced mist evacuation system for IC Spray machines. The IC Spray bank can be one of the most dirty areas of any can plant. In most cases this is because the evacuation systems built into IC spray machines do not adequately capture airborne IC mist, which results in a maintenance nightmare. When IC mist is not properly captured, machines run dirty (requiring constant shut down for cleaning) and duct work fills up with airborne mist. The IPS SprayBOX fixes both of these issues. Engineered to properly control air velocity, the SPRAYBOX captures more mist in the evacuation system filters, resulting in cleaner IC spray machines and less frequent duct cleaning.


  • Designed to install onto most IC spray machines
  • Advanced air velocity control
  • Removable IC mist capture filters


  • Superior IC mist capture
  • Cleaner IC spray machines
  • Less IC spray machine maintenance
  • Cleaner IC mist ducting

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