The IPS StationTRACK™ is a fully integrated, digitally printed solution for the unique identification of manufacturing heads for the 2-piece, aerosol and 3-piece can manufacturing industries. The integration of a StationTRACK™ system helps to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems in manufacturing lines where there are multiple (typically rotary) heads. Instead of stopping the entire line and counting cans to arrive at the problematic head, the StationTRACK™ provides a code that identified which specific head the can came from.


  • Fully integrated, turn-key installation
  • High-speed ink jet printer for unique station identification
  • Eliminates need to shut down line to take QC samples
  • Reduces troubleshooting time
  • Unique head traceability for finished products


  • Seamer heads
  • Necker heads
  • Flanger heads
  • Beader heads
  • Filler heads

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