High Performance Cupper Air Package

Most Cuppers in Can Factories today have been in service for up to 30+ years. These machines are only reliable if the maintenance has been completed on a regular basis. One maintenance item that very few factories have upgraded is their Cuppers StripAIR System. IPS has designed a StripAIR system that tremendously improves Cupper output. The StripAIR Package has been installed throughout the world, many times, with great success.


Symptoms of Cupper Air Strip Problems:

  • Cups don’t strip off the die center 100% of the time, causing machine down time.
  • At high speed, do you turn your air strip valves on 100% of the time?
  • Do you have your regulators set as high as they will go?
  • Do you have damaged cups from your current air strip system?
  • Are you having to replace your air strip valves regularly?

Benefits of StripAIR:

  • Large Air Volume – allows lower operating pressure
  • Effective Valve Position – allows ease of maintenance
  • IPS Selected Valve – faster acting valve
  • Regulated Expansion Air Tank – compressed air savings
  • Improved Cup Stripping – allows for defect free cups

Installation Services:

  • We have this product so well perfected that we can ship the Cupper StripAIR Package to your team, along with IPS Engineering Drawings, to be installed by your team on your next maintenance day.
  • If you prefer, IPS can send our highly trained team to your location for maintenance day installation.

Frequently bought together:

  • Fully designed IPS Guard Packages that will bring your Cuppers safety standards up to current levels.

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StripAIR Information:

The StripAIR system is available exclusively through IPS – Integrated Packaging Solutions.

Get the complete StripAIR Brochure by clicking on the link below or contact IPS for a custom quote at:

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StripAIR Savings Calculator

To use calculator, input all values below. The strokes per minute should be a value where the strip air is always on (usually 170-250 spm).

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  • deg
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  • $/kwH
Standard Assumptions

NOTE - this calculator is an estimate only and not a guarantee of performance. The default values presented in this calculator are a starting place only. For a more accurate estimate, please enter values representative to your specific conditions.