Precision IC Spray Retro-Fit Kit

V2 - IC Spray Retrofit Kit


The V2, precision spray system is a highly engineered IC spray gun mount and exhaust hood retrofit kit, that can be adapted to any existing spray machines. The revolutionary design features precise gun mounts with a quick adjust feature and precision over-spray capture technology. This patented technology results in a projected reduced carbon footprint, by capturing a majority of the IC waste and not exhausting it to the incinerator. The innovative exhaust hood design also, minimizes fumes and particulates that can be inhaled by the operator.

This design improves the standard IC spray machine by creating a cleaner machine environment which translates to less downtime. If maintenance is required V2 has features like a simple swing arm that rotates the entire gun mounting system away from the machine. This elegant system can turn any common IC spray machine into an efficient clean operating machine

Get the complete V2 Brochure by clicking on the link below or contact Verticon a subsidiary of IPS for a custom quote at: sales-service@intpacsol.com

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