About Us

Welcome to Verticon, a subsidiary of IPS (Integrated Packaging Solutions) which has provided Services, Support and Equipment to the Can Industry both nationally and internationally since 2009.  Verticon is located near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and was established in 2014 as a  subsidiary of IPS-Integrated Packaging Solutions, to develop and manufacture technologically advanced inline Can Manufacturing equipment.

The Verticon staff consists of expert, long term, can makers and engineers.  All equipment built (V2, VertiSPRAY) and designed has been 3D modeled by various engineers in many different disciplines, including FEA (Finite Element Analysis) applied to refine the designs, resulting in a better design at a lower cost.  Technology is an ever advancing partner in the can industry giving a more competitive edge in the highly competitive can manufacturing market.  The goal of Verticon is to provide value added technology and equipment that the can makers need:

  • Increasing speed
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Providing a sustainable product
  • Minimizing human interface

Verticon engineers study the practical needs of the can industry and apply their technical knowledge to create a solution, satisfying the need to increase productivity, lower costs and improve quality for the can industry.