Continuous Vertical IC Spray Machine


VertiSPRAY™, is a VERTICAL internal coating system that has an increased operating capability of 1000CPM (can size: 211×413), compared to the horizontal system which operates at 350CPM.  This system’s advancements in the internal spray application, demonstrates a 10% improvement, and coating savings of between 5-8%. The sustainability and efficiency of the VertiSPRAY™ system is further explained:

Single machine operates at 1000 CPM for a typical 211 x 413 can size:

  • Continuous motion (zero dwell)
  • Small footprint requires less space than traditional systems.

450 msec of spray time available compared to typical 150-170  msec:

  • Offers more uniform and consistent coating application to allow coating weight reduction while maintaining metal exposure quality, due to the longer spray time availability.
  • Ability to incorporate linear motion technology for gun movement.
  • Oscillating gun movement about nozzle tip
  • Lancing operation capability
  • Ideal for high aspect ration can (diameter to height ratio)

Requires less gun pressure than traditional:

  • Minimizes coating blow back
  • Allows cleaner machine
  • More Machine up-time
  • Less cleaning
  • Improved maintenance requirements

Process parameters are Computer controlled and can be saved to the on-board PLC:

  • Accessible through an integrated HMI
  • Chuck speed is variable
  • Number of wraps strickly controlled according to can specification
  • Variable speed turret control (machine speed)
  • Adjustable spray timing
  • Gun pressure control and monitoring

Improved exhaust management:

  • Exhaust savings is applied to the can, not to waste (5 – 8% less exhaust is applies to the can)
  • captures exhaust at the source
  • Cyclonic exhaust collector is an available option
  • Less exhaust means minimized or elimination of bag house demands
  • Less opportunity to incinerator fouling

Can Size: Change-Over Friendly:

  • Diameter size change requires only star wheel changes only
  • Height size change requires only gun re-positioning, no conveying changes
  • Coating distribution….recipes for various can requirements (beer, soft drink, isotonic) are saved to the on-board computer and easily recalled on the HMI

Includes Verticon’s patent pending nozzle tip gun adjustment technology:

  • Allows consistent nozzle tip placement
  • Eliminates need of X-Y typical gun adjustment

On-board nozzle and gun cleaning feature:

  • Minimize machine cleaning and downtime
  • Adjustable from continuous cleaning per revolution to any desired setting per revolution

New installations offer reduced conveying capital costs!

Get the complete VertiSPRAY Brochure by clicking on the link below or contact Verticon a subsidiary of IPS for a custom quote at:


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