Oven Rebuild Services
Oven Rebuild Services

Oven Rebuild Services

IPS has begun a new program of rebuilding existing Can Line Equipment, either at our location or yours.  Understandably, most Oven rebuilds would be serviced at the customer’s location.  Almost all factories have maintenance and/or energy concerns with their old Ovens.  Give IPS a call to help resolve these issues.

Oven Rebuild Work:

  • Burner Repair or Replacement
    • Excessive Energy Costs
    • Metal Exposure Issues
  • Blower Repair or Replacement
    • Air Flow Issues
  • Conversion from Stainless Steel Mat to Synthetic Mat


We can help with all of your Oven needs on the can line.  Contact us for a service call to get started:


Other Equipment Rebuilds:

      • Bodymakers & Trimmers
      • Decorators & Inkers
      • Base Coaters
      • Internal Spray Machines
      • Palletizers
      • Pumps

    For more information view the Video by clicking on the link below or contact IPS at: sales-service@intpacsol.com


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