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Oven Safety Services

IPS can perform an Oven Safety Inspection on your standard Can Making Ovens (washer, pin and IBO) as part of our oven safety services package.   We can offer these services in conjunction with other services to make it more cost effective.  For example, if we are coming to your plant to Balance the IBO for down cans or replacing burners, we can complete the Oven Safety Checks while onsite, for a slight up charge.  Running your plant at its optimum best requires consistency in maintenance and safety.

Typical Oven Safety Checks:

  • Burner Controls
  • Combustion AFS
  • Controller Overtemp
  • Exhaust AFS
  • Explosion Relief Panels
  • Flame Appearance
  • Flame Detectors
  • Gas Pressure Switches
  • Gas Train Leak Test
  • Guards
  • Main Gas Valve
  • Purge Timers
  • Recirculation Fan Pressure Switches

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