The IPS CanSCHOOL offers a number of classroom training IPS offers on-the-Job training services to the can manufacturing industry for a wide range of can making equipment. On the job training is a valuable part of any new employee’s onboarding process. IPS offers two versions of on-the-Job training. Formal On-the-Job training is a guided, task based process, during which time the trainer uses a check-list to ensure knowledge comprehension, as well as the ability to perform the task. Informal On-the-Job training is typically performed on projects where IPS has been contracted to help run a line (often during post startup support). During this time, experienced IPS can makers work side-by-side with new employees, informally teaching them to run the equipment.

Areas of OTJ Training

  • Front End (Cupper, Bodymaker, Trimmer)
  • Washer and CPO
  • Back End (Decorator, IC, Necker, Palletizer)
  • Ovens

Levels of OTJ Training

  • Basic Operator Level
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Level

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