The focus of IPS CanSCHOOL is to help our customers train the next generation of can-makers. IPS CanSCHOOL specializes in creating modern, engaging, and accurate training content for the can-making industry. CanSCHOOL is made up of instructional designers, technical writers, mechanical engineers, animators, eLearning developers and graphic designers. Working together with subject matter experts (SMEs) specialized in the can-industry, the CanSCHOOL team creates exceptional quality content that is used to train the next generation of can-makers. CanSCHOOL works on projects to support can manufactures, can industry OEMs, as well as the IPS products team.

Types of Training Content

  • Animated eLearning
  • Written SOPs
  • Digital SOPs (step-by-step)
  • Written OTJ Training Guides
  • Classroom Training Presentations

Training Topics

  • Introduction to Can Making
  • Machine Operation (Level 100, 200 and 300)
  • Defect Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Machine Startup Procedures (for OEMs)

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