The focus of IPS CanSCHOOL is to help our customers train the next generation of can-makers. IPS CanSCHOOL specializes in creating modern, engaging, and accurate training content for the can-making industry. CanSCHOOL is made up of instructional designers, technical writers, mechanical engineers, animators, eLearning developers and graphic designers. Working together with subject matter experts (SMEs) specialized in the can-industry, the CanSCHOOL team creates exceptional quality content that is used to train the next generation of can-makers. CanSCHOOL works on projects to support can manufactures, can industry OEMs, as well as the IPS products team.

Training Content:

  • Can Making 101: Interactive overview of the can line focused on how a can is made (Available now)
  • Machine Orientation: Machine specific overview of what a “day in the life” of an operator looks like
  • SOP Training: Machine specific, animated eLearning, SOPs and OJT checklists (Available January 1st, 2024)

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Program:

At CanSCHOOL™, our primary objective is to help our customer in creating sustainable training programs. A crucial aspect of achieving this goal is ensuring that trainers possess the necessary skills & techniques to train others effectively. That’s why we offer the CanSCHOOL™ Train-the Trainer (TTT) program, which covers adult learning principles, presentation techniques, communication skills, and how to assess knowledge & understanding. Our aim is to equip trainers with the tools and confidence they need to deliver effective training that compliments their technical expertise.

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