The IPS ToolCLEAN™, Ultra-Sonic Tool Cleaning System removes aluminum buildup from Necker dies, Bodymaker dies, and any other tooling made of carbide, tool steel or ceramic.   The IPS ToolCLEAN™ system is quick, effective and will never alter the profile or surface finish of your tooling. By using a caustic solution to eats away Aluminum while leaving the tool material unaffected, the IPS ToolCLEAN™ is the OEM recommended way to clean can maker tooling.

Based on customer feedback we have also created a new product called the ToolCLEAN XL™.  The ToolCLEAN XL™ features a robust wire frame holder that rests on the lip of the tank – meaning there is no additional weight on the vibrating surface whatsoever. The tank is also much larger (45L compared to 22L). ToolCLEAN XL™ easily holds up to 27 or more dies per cleaning session.  The ToolCLEAN XL™ has a much wider lip on the cleaning tank for better sealing and support.  This design also comes with an additional supporting bracket.


  • Ultrasonic cleaner with heat control and timer
  • Integrated rinse tank
  • Integrated drying rack
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available in XL with wider tank lip, larger tank, and 3 stacking baskets


  • Removes Aluminum without altering tooling profile
  • Eliminates the need to manually hand polish Necking Dies
  • Works great with all tooling materials: carbide, tool steel, ceramics, etc.

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