The new and improved ToolSCAN 2.0 is a non-contact, measurement gage for Bodymaker Punches, Dies and Necker tooling.   With its speed, accuracy and repeatability the ToolSCAN 2.0 is the best value in the industry and a must have for any tool room. The ToolSCAN 2.0 is now compatible with the industry leading ToolCONTROL software designed specifically to track Bodymaker tooling in the can plant.



  • Punch OD, Step scan, Rework Taper and Roundness
  • Ironing Die ID and Roundness
  • Redraw Die ID and Roundness
  • Necker Die ID
  • Necker Knockout OD
  • Custom measurement profiles
  • Reports generation
  • ToolCONTROL software integration


  • 0.38-micron / 0.000015-in Repeatability (industry best)
  • 15-second Punch OD and Die ID measurements
  • Non-contact, green LED technology
  • Thermal monitoring

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