IPS provides a range of equipment rebuild services for the can manufacturing industry.   The rebuild services are offered on-site at the customer facility, as well as off-site at the IPS equipment rebuild facility.   With a focus on cost-savings and sustainability, IPS has helped many customers re-deploy aging equipment assets, allowing them to delay investing capital into brand new equipment for a substantial period of time.

Equipment Rebuild List

  • IC Spray Machines / LSMs
  • IC Spray Guns and Pumps
  • Oven Burner Repair or Replacement
  • Oven Blower Repair or Replacement
  • Oven Stainless Mat Conversion to Synthetic
  • Trimmers
  • Palletizers and accumulation beds
  • Decorator and Inkers
  • Base Coaters

Rebuild Services

  • Off Site Rebuilds
  • On Site Rebuilds
  • Rebuild Training (on-site with customer)

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