About Us

IPS (Integrated Packaging Solutions) is an international consulting company that specializes in the can making industry. IPS provides metal packaging manufacturers with engineering and operational improvement services. IPS turns technical advancements into business opportunities by providing production efficiency improvements and operational cost reduction programs that make a difference.

Our Customers

IPS has provided technical service to some of the can industry’s most respected and well known companies. Our customer base spans 4 continents and more than 20 countries. We have built our reputation around quality service and results driven execution, and we believe in establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

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Can Making Resources

IPS has access to specialty contractors in every area of the can making industry. We realize that all projects have unique requirements, which is why we have contractors around the world that speak a multitude of languages. IPS can provide anything from short term contracts to permanent placement staffing.

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Past Projects

IPS takes pride in quality service and has completed a long list of projects around the globe. The scale of projects has ranged from on-site training and machine audits to line installations and startups. As a international consulting company, IPS uses a range of global resources to ensure every project receives the unique attention it requires.

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