The IPS ToolCONTROL is a tool tracking and inventory control system, designed specifically for the can making industry.   The system uses RFID and 2D Barcode scanning technology to make data entry as simple as possible.   The ToolCONTROL system is built around three software modules, integrating data from the tool room,  bodymaker production data, as well as QA data including can weight and can wall thickness.   The ToolCONTROL is the most powerful and easy to use system in the can industry today.


  • Tool tracking based on serial number bar-codes
  • Inventory control
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Bodymaker data tie-in with Production Module
  • QA data tie-in with Can Weight Module


  • Better inventory control
  • Tool tracking from cradle to grave
  • Predictive tool change opportunities
  • Trend identification
  • Better troubleshooting
  • More accurate tool depreciation
  • Reduced tooling inventory
  • More accurate tooling costs per 1,000 cans

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