Introducing the IPS CanBRAKE™, a revolutionary magnetic solution by Canline. Say goodbye to wear and tear with its electric-free design and adjustable magnetic strength. Enjoy improved efficiency, reduced dents, and scratches, all while optimizing production speed. Compatible with aluminum cups and cans of any size, it’s the ultimate solution for smooth, controlled operations in various production environments.


  • Easily mounted to gravity track work, air deck, and other applications
  • Adjustable magnetic strength to optimize can speed performance
  • Design contains no wear parts for a long life
  • No electric control required


  • Works with Aluminum cups and cans of all sizes
  • Improved equipment life by reducing wear & tear, no contact with moving parts
  • Improved production efficiency & higher speeds, through reduction in tipped cans
  • Reduction in can dents & scratches from elimination of can contact

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