Food & Aerosol

Products designed to help improve the Food, Aerosol and 3-Piece can making process.

IC spray

Products designed around the Inside Spray machine, helping spray cans more accurately and efficiently.

Process Improvement

Products designed to help improve the can making process.

Tool Room

Equipment to help tool room operators better measure and inspect Bodymaker and Necker tooling.

Tool Tracking Software

Tool tracking and inventory control software, designed specifically for the can manufacturing environment.

Tooling Surface Finish

Products to help Bodymaker and Necker tooling perform better by cleaning, polishing and cross hatching.

Washers & Ovens

Products that help can plant washers and ovens work more efficiently and reduce spoilage.




IPS products are focused on helping our customers make more quality cans.


IPS Services is focused on providing on-site can maker support to customers on a global basis.


The IPS CanSCHOOL department is focused on training the next generation of can makers.