Introducing the IPS NozzleCLEAN™ (Patent Pending) – the ultimate solution for automatic cleaning of your IC Spray Gun Nozzle with a mechanical brush. The NozzleCLEAN™ is standard with the IPS CanSPRAY™ and is available as a retrofit on most standard IC Spray Machines.

The NozzleCLEAN™ is designed to ensure that spray patterns are not affected by spray buildup. Its mechanical brush makes it easy to clean your nozzle without requiring a machine shutdown. With the NozzleCLEAN™, you can achieve consistent spray patterns without worrying about nozzle clogging or buildup.

Thanks to its easy-to-replace cleaning brush, the NozzleCLEAN™ offers a fast and hassle-free solution for keeping your nozzle clean.


  • Featured on IPS CanSPRAY™ IC Spray Machine
  • Available as retrofit on most standard IC Spray Machines

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to replace cleaning brush
  • Cleaning without machine shut-down
  • Motion enabled through Nordson iTrax (if available)

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