IPS provides start-up support to can manufacturers having just started up brand new can lines. With the can industry experiencing a worldwide shortage of skilled labor, often can manufacturers don’t have enough experienced can makers available to ensure a new can line ramps up at the desired pace. IPS helps can manufacturers by providing skilled teams of experienced can makers focused on increasing efficiency, decreasing spoilage and training new machine operators through informal hands-on training. With a global network of experienced can makers, IPS is capable of providing extensive support to meet our customer needs.

Support Capabilities

  • Front End (Cupper, BM, Trimmer)
  • Washer and CPO
  • Back End (Decorator, IC, Necker, Palletizer)
  • Oven Specialists
  • Line Control and ET
  • Millwrights

Other Areas of Support

  • On the job Training
  • Machine Operators
  • Troubleshooting Specialists

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