Process Improvement Products

Products designed to help improve the can making process.


Introducing the IPS CanBRAKE™, a revolutionary magnetic solution by Canline. Say goodbye to wear and tear with its electric-free design and adjustable magnetic strength. Enjoy improved efficiency, reduced dents, and scratches, all while optimizing production speed. Compatible with aluminum cups and cans of any size, it’s the ultimate solution for smooth, controlled operations in various production environments.


The IPS UserLOG™ adds User Access Control (UAC) to machines that would otherwise have it. The UserLOG™ replaces the function of an existing start push button on any machine or piece of equipment that needs user management.

AirSAVE Valve

The Sustain AirSAVE™ is a valve system originally developed for aerospace that is extremely responsive and ultra durable. This unique combination makes the AirSAVE™ ideal for many can making applications.


The IPS RapidSORT is a vision-based HFI (Held for Inspection) sorting system capable of running 1,000+ cans/minute.


The IPS RamALIGN is a static alignment tool for the Bodymaker designed to quickly and easily align the cup locator, redraw sleeve and the stripper finger assembly to the centerline of the Bodymaker ram.


The AccuSTRIP bodymaker stripper system was designed to improve bodymaker stripping performance and provide customers with a stripper finger assembly that can be counted on.




IPS products are focused on helping our customers make more quality cans.


IPS Services is focused on providing on-site can maker support to customers on a global basis.


The IPS CanSCHOOL department is focused on training the next generation of can makers.