Coming Soon… The IPS CanSPRAY applies inside coating to 2-piece can bodies. With advanced spray capture, automated gun nozzle cleaning and a servo gun positioning system, the CanSPRAY provides a consistently cleaner and more efficient spray application. Designed with an industry standard footprint, the CanSPRAY easily replaces outdated machines, or is a perfect addition to a line speed-up. The CanSPRAY is designed for can makers who demand more out of their equipment. More accurate. Cleaner. And better controlled coating application.

Key Specifications

  • Speeds up to 350 cans/minute
  • Can diameters 52mm – 73mm (202 – 300)
  • Can heights 76mm – 203mm (3in – 8in)
  • Equipped with dual Meg II spray guns

Key Features and Benefits

  • Servo controlled gun positioning enables quick, repeatable settings
  • Improved spray capture results in a cleaner machine with less maintenance
  • Automatic gun nozzle cleaning

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