The IPS RapidSORT is a fast HFI can sorting system with three camera stations that quickly inspects the bottom, inside, and outside of cans to ensure accurate sorting, preventing defective cans from being shipped to customers.

Highlighted Features

Seamless Can Tracking

Automatically identifies Bodymaker IDs, ensuring efficient can tracking throughout the sorting process.

Precision Quality Control

Guarantees precise recognition of ink dot colors, upholding rigorous quality control standards with accuracy.

Ensured Product Integrity

Swiftly detects defects within cans, maintaining product integrity and meeting stringent quality standards consistently.

Visual Appeal Preservation

Pinpoints and flags exterior defects, preserving visual appeal and ensuring only top-quality cans are shipped to customers.

Efficient Sorting Process

Automatically removes defective cans, optimizing the sorting process and ensuring superior products reach customers promptly.

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